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A Little about the WebCam

This webcam is in the lower boathouse (bottom of the spiral staircase for those who have visited us) looking out the office window. In the foreground is the concrete pad that goes down to the lake with the guardian stones clearly visible. On the left of the picture, the lower deck railing is visible as is the neighbor's balcony. The North East Yacht club is at the right end of the land seen in the distance.

The webcam will be moved soon to the upper boathouse to avoid the ice that forms on the lower boathouse windows. But ice also forms on the windows in the uppoer boathouse, just not as often or for as long!

The webcam is a Logitech QuckCam Pro 9000. The webcam software is TinCam. Together, they cost less than $125. The camera connects to the computer through a USB connection. The computer is now about 10 years old and TinCam is the only application software running on it. The TinCam software sends (ftp) a captured image to the web server every three minutes. is hosted by HostMonster which is in Utah. Everything works fine!

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