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December 28, 2008

I have made a few changes to the web pages and would like to tell you about them.

First, and least significant, is that I have centered and changed the order of the three imported items below this text on the homepage. I know that several people regularly do the Match Up so I moved it to the top. The centering just looks better. If the formatting is not quite right for you let me know.

Second, I have added a link to the Weather Underground on the left side menu on the weather page. You may be saying, "Ho hum, another link, what's the big deal?" Well, the link is to the information from my weather station and Weather Underground does a really nice job of displaying the information. You can see the webcam, looks at graphs, play a 24 hour "slide show" of the webcam and look at the last week or month to see the weather stations data. I think it is way cool!

The link to the Weather Underground was not easy. I may blog about it.

The Weather Underground is not in anyway--as far as I can tell--related to the Weathermen or other radical groups! But it did originate at the University of Michigan which those of us from West Virginia rightfully view with much suspicion! 8-)

Third, I have created a page to house the webcam image and provided a brief description of what is shown in the webcam.


Ann and I spend a lot of time in front of our computers. Me for work during the day. Ann for writing. Both of us for e-mail, and web surfing. We use the web for almost everything imaginable. Whether it is to find out who wrote "Blinded by the Light" (Bruce Springsteen in 1973, but no one remembers that version!), or whether pennies will really fool a breathalyzer (nope!), to a recipe for homemade ice cream.

So why not a web page? My weather site has been fun for me and many people say they like it. Ann has a food blog for John. We have lots of pictures that we would like to share.

Whether or not we have enough real content to make it useful to us or you, only time will tell. For now, welcome and enjoy.

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